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Runescape Cheats

Runescape Cheats
There are 3 basic ways to cheat in Runescape: Hacks, Bots and Exploits. Hacks are programs that change the way the game works and displays information to you. Hacks can give you minor and significant advantages in the form of seeing through obstacles, walking through walls, flying, seeing information that would not otherwise be visible and other cheating options. Bots are probably the most effective way of cheating in Runescape, since they can take care of most the repetitive tasks in the game. Bots are simple scripts that take over control of your character and perform tasks like skilling, farming, selling items, fighting to level up combat stats and basically everything you need to do in Runescape to reach the endgame. Exploits are bugs that can be used to level or skill faster of farm gold very effectively. Exploits in are mostly temporary and get patched after a while.

Runescape Cheats


Runescape Bots
Bots are reading your computerโ€™s memory in order to see all the data they need in order to navigate your Runescape character through the game and complete simple and more complex tasks automatically without your input. Bots can easily skill up most skills: Crafting, Mining, Smithing, Fishing, Cooking, Firemaking, Woodcutting and Runecrafting. Bots are also quite effective at leveling you combat stats (Attack, Strength, Defense, Ranged, Prayer, Magic and Constitution/HP) through automatically fighting mobs. These stats can be leveled by almost any decent RS bot at this time.

When it comes to leveling member skills (Agility, Herblore, Thieving, Fletching, Slaying, Farming, Construction, Hunting, Summoning, Divination, Inventing) ย and Dungeoneering, there are fewer bots that can actually level these stats up effectively. Most bots that are actually able to level these skills are quite expensive and not always up to date. These tasks are not exactly as easy as banking items or gold.

Bots are especially effective at farming gold on characters with leveled skills and fighting stats. Bots can farm very high level mobs 24 hours a day man make huge profits by automatically selling or even crafting and then selling the loot for maximum income. โ€“ If you ever asked yourself how people are able to sell Runescape gold cheap, this is why. 99% of all gold seller are maintaining armies of bots farming money 7 days a week and it works.

Runescape Bot


Runescape Hacks and Hacked Clients
Hacks are not as useful in Runescape as it is in other games. The very commonly used hacks like speed, ESP and wallhacks are not as useful here and that is why hacked clients are more focused on farming. Most hacked clients include some sort of auto clicking (bot) or autolooting. However, since hacks can potentially get detected, it is not recommendable to use hacked clients if you have any access at all to a bot. Bots do not inject or change any game code and are a lot saver for that very same reason. Other than auto-clicking, hacked clients will often show you a lot of information that the normal user interface would not show you. So there can be a lot of usability in using hacked clients and experienced players might find it useful, but consider the risk that comes with using them.

Runescape Hack


Runescape Exploits

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